Friday, December 21, 2012

Why does this exist?

Had some time to kill before work so I went to the grocery store to grab a snack. While in the store I ran across a strange looking beverage. It was a Rockstar energy drink that had a strange sounding flavor, Bubbleberry. My interest was peaked so I decided to try it. When I took the first sip I realized that it is bubble gum flavored. What the eff!? Why does this need to exist? Who wants a bubble gum flavored drink? This is obviously a ploy to get children to drink Rockstar, which is terrible. As an adult, I shouldn't even be drinking energy drinks, let alone children. Even worse than the gross bubble gum flavor and the obvious flavor choice to entice children, the drink gave me burps that tasted like rotten Pepto-Bismol. In conclusion, learn from my mistake, please don't try this. I make bad choices so you don't have to.

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