Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hurricane Life: The End of An Era

         So today was my last day at the job I have had for three and a half years. I got the job when I first moved in with my wife. I will miss some of the people that I worked with but what I will not miss is the bologna that I had to put up with from my managers and corporate overlords.
         As excited as I should be today, I am more in a state of panic. This is due to the fact that I am moving on Saturday and starting a new job in sales on Monday. I have no prior experience in sales. On top of this, our baby boy is due on the 27th of this month (One week after we move). My wife and newborn baby will be depending on me to perform at a job that I have no experience at. I am so stressed out!
        I probably won't be blogging much this summer as I will be working 14+ hours a day, 6 days a week. Wish me luck trying to cope with the INSANE changes in my life. I need it.
PS- I'm sorry for not finishing part III of my Club 33 blog yet. I have been crazy busy.

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  1. At my house growing up, when we knew the exact amount of time we'd be doing something that we were stressed out about we'd always say, "I can do ANYTHING for x period of time!"

    You can totally do this!!! Just remember: it's only for 1 summer!! If you ever need anything--even just to vent--Sini and I are totally here. He's done the summer sales thing once upon a time, so he definitely understands where you're coming from.

    You and Alex are troopers for going through with all of this, but that just shows how tenacious you'll be out in the field. Sini even mentioned while we were walking out to the car, last time we saw you, that he thinks you'll be really successful at it.--You've got this!!