Friday, February 1, 2013

Sorry Folks, I Couldn't Help It

         Today was the first day in a month that I didn't have to blog and I woke up with my head full of blog ideas. I have been trying to occupy my brain with distractions (hulu, netflix, facebook, and Twitter) but I can't shake the compulsion to blog. It doesn't help that I have the day off and hours of time to kill while my wife is away at work. So here comes a random blog!
        Last night, in my sleep, I kicked my pregnant wife in the belly. Probably the worst thing I could have done but because I startled our little fetus he was thrashing around like he was in a mosh pit at a metal show. I was finally able to feel a strong kick. It is the craziest feeling to experience and here's why; I was able to help in creating this person. That is absolutely insane! In the words of Dave Chappelle, "You used to live in my balls man!"
        *Sorry for saying the b- word mom, I know you don't like me using poop mouth words like that.*
         So, after a month straight of blogging, here I am blogging again, which is completely ridiculous, right? I do intend on continuing to blog on a semi-frequent basis. Maybe I will continue to blog weakly weekly.
          Thanks for wasting your time to read this. I appreciate it. I don't have any pictures to go along with this blog post so enjoy a photo of my cat, Louie! (I'm totally an old cat lady)


  1. Jason! It's like you are right on the verge of a tender, precious moment describing how you can't believe you helped create this life- then you ruin it by saying he came from your balls. THANKS LOL

  2. Well he did. My fastest swimmer in fact!