Monday, January 14, 2013

BAJL Day 14: I don't Want To Let Christmas Go

              Last night my wife and I finally took down our Christmas Tree and decorations. I wanted to keep them up longer as I felt that I didn't get enough of the Christmas season this year. Plus, the tree looks all nice when it is decorated.
              Which leads me to ask this question: How long after Christmas is it acceptable to still have your Christmas decorations up? Is three weeks to long? Oops! Does the fact that it is colder now then it was at Christmas help? When we took down the tree last night I asked my wife if we could listen to Christmas music while doing so, she gave me a look. I'm assuming that meant no.
               The final reason why I wanted to keep up the tree and decorations was that they make our house look better. Without the tree, about half of the apartment looks naked and unlived in. We need something to fill up that space.
               Sorry for the shortness of this blog but I have a very busy day ahead of me today and only had about 30 minutes to blog. I will have something more substantial for all you folks tomorrow.


  1. Our tree is STILL up :/ hahaha and I barely took the other decorations down on Sunday. Tyler doesn't want to take the tree down so there it remains LOL

  2. Try a life size Storm Trooper! Haha! How I Met your Mother I love Ya'

  3. I finally got the comments to work!