Friday, January 18, 2013

BAJL Day 18: Challenge Accepted! Donuts, Donuts, Donuts

         **The lawers representing The Dork Life blog must insist that noone attempt to recreate the following challenge.** Recently I attempted a rather daunting food challenge. It was to eat a dozen donuts in one sitting, basically my dinner was going to be this box of donuts. Below is a photo of the dozen donuts.
           I thought this would be simple due to the fact that I LOVE DONUTS! I love all types such as old fashioned donuts, cake donuts, jelly filled donuts, creme filled donuts, donut holes, and even buttermilk donuts. My all time favorite are cake doughnuts with white or neon colored icing and sprinkles. This is probably because those are my mom's favorite as well.
            Side tangent but my love of baked goods in general comes from my mother. We would rather have a cinnamon roll then have candy or even ice cream. I love breads, bagels, cakes, cupcakes, rolls, and biscuits because of her. Mmmmmmmmm bagels and shmear!
             Back to the challenge, it began pretty much as I expected, easily. I cruised through donuts 1-6 but around donut 8 I started feeling ill. I wasn't full, it was more like my body couldn't handle any more sugar or fried doughy goodness. I didn't puke but I did feel sick for the rest of the night. However, it did not make me sick enough to stop me from finishing the rest for breakfast the next day, with some help from my wife.
             I would not advise anyone to try this EVER! I will PROBABLY not attempt this again. I make poor choices so you folks don't have to. Have you ever attempted a food challenge? If so, let me know about it by leaving a comment.


  1. I sure haven't but my mom ate a dozen once when pregnant with me... Hats off to her!!! I think the prego-ness helped. :)

    1. Kudos to your mom! I am thinking about re-attempting this at some point.