Friday, January 25, 2013

BAJL Day 25: Hooray for Hockey!

            I am so happy that the hockey season has begun. I am especially stoked to watch the Phoenix Coyotes defend their division title and make a run for the Stanley Cup.
            I really began to enjoy hockey after I went to my first Coyote's games at arena. Hockey is a sport that you MUST see live to appreciate. The excitement at the game is unlike any other sporting event you will ever attend, I assure you.
           In a professional sports world where athletes are babied and protected, hockey is the last man's sport. Crushing hits, brutal fights, and fierce competition are the trademarks of hockey games. The game is quick and the puck changes hands so quickly at times that it is hard to follow, especially on tv. But, as you watch the game it becomes easier for you to spot the puck and follow the pace of the game.
           Hockey games allow you to get close to the players as their is nothing but a layer of plexi-glass between you and the action. Most sporting events keep their fans far away from the action and especially from the players. There is a level of interaction that the fans have with the players that you will not get from any other sport.
          The biggest reason I am looking forward to this season is to help me forget about how terribly the Cardinals played. Watching the Coyotes play will give me a distraction. The pack is back folks, it's time to HOWL!!!
          Do you like hockey? Who is your favorite team? Any predictions for the 2013 season?

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