Thursday, January 24, 2013

BAJL Day 24: BROmance

              Today I am going to blog about how I met my best friend, Mike. Mike and I have been friends for many years, 7 years now. We met when we were hired at the same place in Gilbert, AZ. We both started on the same day. I was a checker and Mike was a bagger. We soon bonded over talking about the Cardinals and how much they suck. I creeped out Mike with my constant quoting of Family Guy and impersonations of Family Guy and SNL characters.
              We took our friendship to the next level by going to see the Cards play at Sun Devil Stadium. Of course they lost, but Mike and I became best friends that day. After that, we started bowling together, going to Applebee's together, raging at ska shows together, and going to see midnight releases of movies. Soon, tons of people that we worked with wanted to hang out with us. Members of the group came and went but Mike and I stayed constant.
              We took our first road trip to Disneyland and Mike and I got to sleep in the same bed together. I kicked Mike in the back while I was sleeping, which I am still sorry for. Mike and I have many stories from those trips, not all of them appropriate to speak of in public. One of them is that while Mike and I were trying to sleep one night, our other friend James, flipped over the hotel desk and threw it on top of us. So many good times!
              It is because of this that I am not ashamed to call Mike my hetero life partner. I love you bro!

A Storybook BRO-mance!

The oldest picture of us from our first trip to Disneyland
              How did you meet your best friend? Tell me the story in the comments. Sorry this blog is so short, If I didn't write it in about 30 minutes this morning I wouldn't be able to work on it until 8 O' Clock tonight.

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